The Darkest Hour

We all have times when we can feel really challenged. Sometimes it can feel as though we are being stretched beyond our limits. We can feel overwhelmed and helpless.

Often blessings emerge from a situation that seems a crisis, in spite of the challenges. We may be in the dark at the time, but on the other side, we can emerge into light. Our perspective can hugely impact our experience.

Instead of deciding “this is how it is” what about being open to what can emerge? Coming from a place of “I wonder….” I wonder what else is possible? I wonder how I can make the best of this? Questions create the space for new possibilities and opportunities. Wonder and curiosity are an invitation. What if you dare to dream?

So what possibilities might be ready to emerge for you right now? What new ways of thinking, feeling, acting could be birthed in this time? What new skills are you open to developing? What fun have you been missing out on? Are there new ways that you can open to and receive?

What if by staying open when everything has been thrown up in the air, it just might all land in a whole new and more fulfilling configuration? Enjoy!

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