The Power of Acceptance

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Living with Acceptance

Last time I wrote about our inclination to deny and resist change, such as the changes that go with COVID 19, and how uncomfortable that resistance can make us.  I talked about how when we argue with what is happening and keep thinking it should not be happening it makes us feel bad.

Moving from resistance is a huge mind shift, It means letting go of what we want, and coming to a place of knowing we can’t have what we want right now and accepting what is on offer!

Acceptance is seeing a situation, experience or person for what it is.  Not judging it, not making it right or wrong, simply allowing it to be:  it has happened, it is happening, this is how it is.

The outside world has changed.   We need to accept that on the inside, that is, mentally and emotionally.  We might need to make various changes in work and personal life conditions. Once we have accepted it internally, then it will become apparent what changes we need to make in our external world, for example, in our actions.

When we stop fighting reality, a battle we can never win anyway, we start to feel better.  Our whole body can relax, our heart rate and breathing steady, our mind calms down, we can think more clearly

As well as choosing to want to accept it and be at peace with it there is a simple technique that can help. Practice grounding yourself.  Take some deep breathes into your abdomen and imagine that your spine extends deep down into the centre of the earth.  Let yourself feel a deep connection with the centre of the earth.

With practice this can help you feel connected to the planet which in turn creates a feeling of greater stability. It helps you to feel safe on the inside.  So even though you are confronted with these external challenges there is a sense of solid inner foundations.

Grounding can really help you to feel more secure, more connected, stronger and steadier.  Stay safe!

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