Mouse on a Wheel

Does anxiety undermine your intentions for the day?  Do you find yourself feeling tense, overthinking, procrastinating, isolating, rushing or overwhelmed?

Living with anxiety can feel like being a mouse on a wheel, perpetually striving to get somewhere and yet never arriving.  Trying to fun faster to “get there” but nothing changes.

Imagine what might happen if that mouse was able to release that feeling of urgency. What if it could stop its perpetual scrambling?   It might hop off the wheel, have a look around and notice where it is.  Maybe the mouse would find some tasty cheese right there!  And when satisfied maybe it could find a little mouse hole where it can rest and relax for a while.

Does this sound like you? Do you find yourself feeling exhausted, frustrated and blaming yourself for not doing better in spite of perpetually trying?

It is possible to learn how to dissolve the anxiety, change your focus and slow down.  What if you discovered some joys right under your nose!  What if you could rest, relax and unwind with more freedom and ease?

Being able to address and dissolve anxiety can be life changing.  Are you ready for that?

You can start that process right now with this simple pattern interrupt.  Give yourself a minute from time to time throughout the day to do this simple breathing exercise.

Inhale through your nose to the count of 4. Exhale through pursed lips slowly and gently, (as though you are trying NOT to blow out a candle) to the count of 8.  Repeat a couple of times and notice the difference.  And be gentle with this anxious part of you.  🙂

Warm wishes, Annie

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