Physical Healing Experiment

The stunning results showed that physical health issues can be healed by addressing mental/emotional issues.

Recently I conducted a Healing Experiment with 5 brave volunteers to address Physical Health issues.   The results exceeded my expectations!!


All reported significant benefits from resolving mental emotional issues:  feeling freer and happier, sleeping deeper and longer, more self motivated, being kinder, feeling calmer and stronger, gaining self understanding, more confidence, more compassionate to self, feeling more positive and an improved sense of wellbeing.

All of them said it had been worth it just for those benefits. However, the physical improvements that accompanied these changes were more than I had dared hope. Note that for some of the participants these were conditions that they had suffered for decades!!!

(Note that there was some correlation between how often they listened and the results achieved.)

One participant said she had forgotten what it is like to wake up free of the chronic pain she’d experienced for at least 10 years.  Pain levels had been between 5 and 9 out of 10, now down to 1.5 out of 10!

“Feel blessed to have been offered this course”

Another had such serious jaw clenching that XRays showed her teeth and jaw alignment had been affected.  Clenching almost totally stopped, after decades!!

“I am still seeing the benefits months later”

Another used to have serious 24 hour gastric attacks every week for decades, she had only had 2 in 8 weeks, one early in the program and the other much less severe than before.

“Really amazing progress”

One program participant is more committed to healing and has made healthy lifestyle changes. She says the program gave her the confidence to perform well at a job interview and get the job!

“Absolutely worthwhile”

Another found it a gentle, positive way to acknowledge and understand her issue, and to shift behaviour. Other factors possibly affected her results.

“Really worthwhile. I would do it again”

All said that they would highly recommend it.

What does this show?  

  • That physical health issues can be healed by addressing mental/emotional issues
  • That listening to recordings of carefully selected Ask and Receive statements can resolve mental, emotional and physical issues.
  • That we are whole beings:  that our heart, mind, body and spirit are indeed interwoven.
  • That if people are willing to listen to recordings then deep change and healing can take place.

What did they do? 

  • Participants each had a physical health issue they wanted to heal.
  • We identified the mental/emotional issues that most resonated for participants (in part guided by a variety of books, most especially The Healing Questions Guide by Wendi Jensen).
  • I then created an individually tailored 10 to 15 minute Ask and Receive Healing recording for each person.
  •  Participants listened to their recording 1 to 8 times daily for a month (often just doing ordinary chores while it played in the background).
  • I caught up with each of them for 15 minutes weekly.


From time to time I have had clients experience physical healing concurrently with the psychological work we are doing.  Occasionally we have worked deliberately and successfully to achieve physical healing.

Never before have I come across such a simple and effective way of bringing about such deep and wide ranging healing.

This method is also very cost effective as it only requires the client’s commitment and 2 hours of consultation with me.  At the very least participants are likely to have greater self understanding and feel better.

So if you are interested in trying a wholistic approach to healing OR if you are desperate because nothing else has worked, why not book in for a free 20 minute chat to see if this approach might suit you?

If you are curious to know how this experiment could possibly have worked so well, I encourage you to view the video below.  This is exactly what Gabor is talking about!

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