The Truth About Stress

It can seem like a badge of honour to say “I am stressed.” Yet the evidence is out: it is not good for you!

Research suggests that 85% of all illness is at least partially caused by stress and anxiety. How could this be? Let’s consider what is happening when we are stressed.

Whatever the cause, when the amygdala senses danger it reacts automatically. This is an old part of the brain that does not realise we are not threatened by sabre toothed tigers. It prepares the body to fight or flee! This preparation requires increased stress hormones, blood sugar levels, blood flow to the muscles, rate of breathing and blood pressure!

Blood flow to the reproductory, circulatory, immune, digestive systems and the brain is reduced.

In the short term, this pattern of acceleration and deprivation is not significant. But with repeated daily stress and anxiety, this leads to heart disease, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, gastro-intestinal disorders, infections, strokes, autoimmune diseases, sexual problems, memory and learning.

What can you do to reduce stress and anxiety? Daily self care and prioritising your health is important.

Addressing the underlying causes, eliminating unnecessary stressors, sound sleep, healthy eating, exercising, meditating, journaling, time out doing things you enjoy, relaxation the can transform your health and your life. When would NOW be a good time to start?

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