Numerology for November: Know Thyself

A time for reflection and contemplation about who and how you are. About where to from here.

Numerology for October

Globally the focus in October is on Love, Home, Family, Responsibility and Health. See what October brings for you Personally.

Numerology for September

The Deciding Month, an in-depth look at your year and month, by the numbers.

Numerology for August

Stability and Security, finding security in uncertain times.

Practical Spirituality

And how it is relevant to living with COVID and Lockdowns.

Physical Healing Experiment

The stunning results showed that physical health issues can be healed by addressing mental/emotional issues. Recently I conducted a Healing Experiment with 5 brave volunteers to address Physical Health issues.   The results exceeded my…

Freeing Yourself

Do you Feel isolated?  Find it hard to make decisions?  Have difficult expressing yourself?  Avoid social situations? Lack confidence?  Anxiety? Addictions? It’s likely you have the sneaky, silent saboteur called “shame” undermining…

Numerology for July

Saying what you Mean. July is the time for speaking your deepest truths. Hear more now:

Winter Solstice

Now is a powerful time for change. Are you ready to let go of old patterns that are no longer working for you? Are you ready to open to new possibilities and opportunities, in line with your Soul's desire?

Numerology for June and Spotlight on Relationships

Maintaining your identity in relationships, being authentic, while also having connecting in meaningful ways in relationships is a theme for June.