Finding Freedom

2021 is a 5 year Globally, is a year of breaking free of old structures, traditions, practices and beliefs. The cracks appeared last year as we were invited to be with ourselves more and "get real" about what is working in our lives and what…

The Darkest Hour

We all have times when we can feel really challenged. Sometimes it can feel as though we are being stretched beyond our limits. We can feel overwhelmed and helpless. Often blessings emerge from a situation that seems a crisis, in spite of…

Times of Change

There has been so much change and uncertainty this year. You may have felt lost, confused and out of control at times. When we focus on the outside world: follow the media, talk to friends it can heighten our anxiety and lack of control.…

Numerology for December

As 2020 draws to a close the Numbers show that we are invited to go within and connect with our wisdom and intuition. This month presents the ideal opportunities for processing the experiences of the year and all that can be learnt from it. December…
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Numerology for November

The focus this month is on home and family, responsibility and relationships. Want to know more? Click Play to listen to the audio

Numerology for October

A time for changing old beliefs and clearing blocked emotions to make way for new opportunities. Click Play to listen to the audio

Numerology for September

Why is September perhaps the most significant month in a life changing year? What opportunities does it bring? We explore this and more in this call. Click Play to listen to the audio

Numerology for August

This is the time for expanding self expression, speaking your truth, knowing your worth and value. There are healings in the audio to clear blocks and create greater self valuing. Also I explore the energies of August for each individual. Click…
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The Power of Acceptance

Living with Acceptance Last time I wrote about our inclination to deny and resist change, such as the changes that go with COVID 19, and how uncomfortable that resistance can make us.  I talked about how when we argue with what is happening…
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Numerology For July

The focus this month is on partnerships and ways to respond to emotional upsets. Plus what are the numbers bringing you in July? Click Play to listen to the audio