Group Program: Stress to Serenity

I know you: You’re outwardly successful but inwardly frustrated and dissatisfied.

  • You worry about everything: money, your job and relationships
  • You feel as though life is getting on top of you
  • You feel trapped and stuck.
  • On paper your life looks good but you long for more
  • Nothing seems to change that much – you’re bored!
  • You ask yourself: is THIS all there is!?

Right now, life just isn’t working for you.  You want your future to look and feel fulfilling.

Instead, imagine this:

  • You feel more relaxed so you can enjoy life more
  • You feel clear on what you want
  • You’re actively exploring job or business opportunities
  • You’re taking action (applying for a job or enrolling in a course)
  • You’re relationships are improving
  • You have the time and energy to enjoy life
  • You’re getting out and having fun:  more fresh air, exercise and socialising
  • You feel on top of things and in control
  • Life feels more meaningful and rewarding

I’m Annie Sorell, a Coach and Counsellor who helps people to feel as successful on the inside as they look on the outside.

I’ll help you get clearer on what you want from life, create a plan and confidently put it into action.

I want to introduce you to my

6 Week Program:  Stress to Serenity

Week 1: Understanding Anxiety and Stress

  • What causes Stress (we will uncover your limiting beliefs)
  • Why Stress matters
  • What to DO about it (I’ll share powerful Techniques)

Week 2: Accessing Self Confidence

  • Addressing “I’m not good enough”
  • Valuing your Self
  • Accessing your Authentic Self (being who you are here to be)

Week 3: Expressing who you are

  • Addressing Fear of what other People think
  • The Power of Acceptance
  • Being your best Friend

Week 4: Growing security

  • Addressing lack:  Money, Love, Energy
  • Ending Struggle and Suffering
  • Embracing your Power

Week 5: Your Spiritual Self

  •  Accessing your Inner Knowing
  • Trusting your Self
  • Trusting Life

Week 6: Inner Happiness

  • Have, Choose, Be and Receive it NOW!
  • Creating and Receiving
  • Joy and Gratitude

How this works

  • All materials and training are On-Line
  • Numbers are limited to maximise the level of support
  • 6 weekly 90 minute Group Video Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Recorded Audios and Videos
  • Workbooks
  • Techniques including: EFT, Guided Meditation etc…

In 6 weeks you won’t recognise yourself.



Why Me?

I’ve been where you are.

I was brought up to be a good wife and mother.   Whilst I loved those roles, I too felt that pull for ‘more’.

I followed a strong desire and trained to be a counsellor when my firstborn was very young (over 30 years ago!).

Little did I know that that one step would lead to me not only discovering so much about myself and transforming my life but to owning a business doing what I love and helping others to do what they love too.

I’ve had my challenges along the way:

  • a near fatal car accident leaving me with ongoing spinal issues
  • divorce after 18 years of marriage and 3 children
  • chronic fatigue and depression for years

And yet, I kept going

My life looks very different now:

  • I horse ride several times weekly although I “should” be in a wheelchair
  • I have an excellent relationship with my children and my ex
  • I have an enthusiasm for life and a thriving, successful business!
  • I balance my work time with play time in nature, horseriding and with family and friends.

I love working with people and seeing how their general well-being, relationships, career and life satisfaction all improve.  Even aspects that did not initially seem “problematic” improve as well. I love seeing people grow in fulfilment and satisfaction, joy and enthusiasm as their life becomes rich and rewarding in ways they had dreamt of.

I want to help you to achieve this too.

Anna, Canberra

Brilliant, comprehensive, life-changing!  Annie shared with us, not only her wealth of theoretical knowledge, but also practical tools to clear our fears and anxieties and help us discover our true selves free of that emotional baggage.

Anna, Canberra
Tanya, Perth

I have just attended one of Annie’s weekend workshops and have learnt so much about myself under Annie’s wise and gentle guidance. Annie provided a very safe and trusting environment for myself and others to open up only if we were ready to do so. Leaving the workshop I felt much lighter and my thoughts are clearer.  I am so grateful that I attended and feel blessed to have been part of such a special weekend.

Tanya, Perth
Donna, Perth

This has been a powerful life affirming weekend of sharing, caring, laughter, tears. Connecting with and unlocking some deep emotions and throwing them out! Learning new healing techniques to move forward in my journey towards being my glorious shining self. Thank you Annie .

Donna, Perth
Name Withheld

Annie’s warmth, insightful, loving energy. It is extremely powerful to feel heard and validated by a grounded, wise woman. Her intuition is strong and she connects the dots in my life in such a profound way.

Name Withheld