Transforming Anxiety

I have many years of experience helping people to overcome stress, anxiety and trauma.

Is Anxiety sapping the Joy from your life? Does this sound like you?

  • Anxious from feeling not good enough
  • Worrying what other people think
  • Stressed about making decisions
  • Struggling with overwhelm and tiredness

Would you like to come Alive and Thrive?

  • be quietly confident being yourself
  • feel relaxed in the company of others
  • experience clarity and purpose
  • feel energised and fulfilled

What if there is a confident, calm, creative and authentic you ready to emerge? Are you ready to be guided by your innate wisdom to move out of fear and into freedom?

Contact me now if you would like to

  • Explore what you really want in life
  • Transform the anxiety that is holding you back
  • Confidently move forward with purpose and passion

Deep down you know there is something more for you, even if you are not sure yet what it is!


This is not for you if you are

  • Happy with the way things are
  • Plan to soldier on as is
  • Are not ready for new beginnings
  • Don’t have the time to change
  • Are not ready to commit to yourself

I think that Annie really understands what it means to be human, she is extremely insightful, and surprisingly funny. I liked that we could laugh at the tragedy of life!  Areas that were difficult and worrying with my teenage daughter suddenly became no issue at all! I know I would not have had that result without Annies’ techniques, they really resonated with me. She has a way of being present that means she can help you get to the core of why you are there and move quickly through it.

Matt, Sydney

I was lucky enough to work with Annie via Skype. Professionally and personally it has been invaluable and I’ll always be grateful for the assistance in improving my proactive communication in my close relationships. Annie has – and not wanting to mix my metaphors or fall into clichés – opened doors for me to delve into, put in place foundations to jump off from, shown me some paths to explore. I get my journey is long and learning more about the person who is going to walk it – to value that person – has to be about the most useful investment I’ve made.

Matt, Sydney