Times of Change

There has been so much change and uncertainty this year. You may have felt lost, confused and out of control at times.

When we focus on the outside world: follow the media, talk to friends it can heighten our anxiety and lack of control. There is always something “out there” to worry about.

However, we do have choice about what we focus on. When we bring our focus closer to home there can be a calming affect. In the here and now there is certainty. We know what is happening in the moment. If we slow everything down, including our thinking, into the present moment, it can feel quite different.

If you have been feeling stressed or anxious you could try this. Focus on your breathing, feel the breath flowing in and out of your body. Notice what you are sitting on and the feel of your clothes against your skin. What is the air temperature? What sounds can you hear? What is something beautiful you can see? Look out the window at the sky, a bird, a tree. Observe your breathing again. Remind yourself that in this moment you are safe and all is well.

Staying in the present moment is comforting and safe. The further out into the world or the further ahead in time we go the more uncertainty there is. The global situation can feel overwhelming. When we keep our focus on home and family, along with the here and now, everything can feel much more manageable and we do have more control.

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