What can a Numerology Reading do for you?

Your Numbers provide a Blueprint for your life, as determined by your Soul before you were born. Your Soul chose the critical people, events and places you would encounter to present the Soul with opportunities for its growth and experience this time around. There are “know” coincidences.

Studying this Blueprint opens many doors and provides many answers.

Do you wrestle with who you really are?

Why you are here?

Why you’re facing this problem right now and how to resolve it?

Where to go next?

What will bring you the love, peace and happiness you desire?

Would you like to better understand yourself and why you do what you do?

Would you like to be more motivated to take action?

Would you like the self-confidence and motivation that comes from knowing the next step forward?

People feel the deeper truth the Numbers share and appreciate the new possibilities and opportunities as a pathway forwards.

Are you feeling lost and confused?

It will tell you what gives your life purpose and meaning,

Do you wonder what will bring you joy?

It is there in plain sight.

Struggling with feelings of “I can’t” and “I’m not good enough?”

It will highlight the gifts and talents brought forward from other lives, waiting for you to open the doors to them

Does it feel as though something is missing from your life?

Your Numbers will indicate your Soul’s passion.

Do you worry what people think about you?

The Numbers will indicate your Personality and how you are perceived.

Do you wonder what your more mature years will be like?

Your Numbers show the most fulfilling path for you to tread.

Does it seem as though there are some experiences/people/beliefs that just keep holding you back?

Your Numbers will show the Karma your Soul wants to resolve this time around.

Is now a good time to end your relationship? Change jobs? Move house?

The Numbers will indicate what changes and growth are supported right now.

A Numerology Reading provides guidance and support. It shines the Light on your Life Path. The understanding and clarity it brings is SO Empowering!!!

When you invite Numerology to share its wisdom with you it provides very powerful insight and guidance.

Numerology tells you your Life Purpose, Gifts and Talents, Soul’s Desire, Personality, Strengths, Karma and Divine Timing.

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My Story

I had my first Numerology Reading about 30 years ago with a remarkable woman called Jenny Heaton. I was amazed by its accuracy with one exception.

Jenny stressed was that I was on a very spiritual path this lifetime. I remember thinking that sounded interesting but I had no idea what it meant! Little did I know how right she was.

However, Numerology had me in its grip and was not letting go! It did not make sense to me that Numbers could provide a blueprint for the life your Soul has chosen this time around! It did not make sense that Numbers could reflect the timing of important events in your life. It did not make sense they could reflect what would give your life purpose and meaning and what your Soul’s passion is.

But I could not leave it alone! I kept studying it, learnt how to do charts. Then I started doing the Charts of family and friends and they kept making sense!! AND people found it really helpful. For example, four people in my extended family are very alike in looks and personality, and their Charts are very similar. How could this be?

Occasionally the charts did not seem to reflect the individual and I would doubt the whole concept. And then I was magnetically drawn to it again!

It was not until my father died and I could look at his whole Chart with the benefit of hindsight that I stopped doubting. It so accurately reflected the man he had been.

I decided that in future when a chart did not make sense I would put it down to my lack of experience, rather than a problem with the Numbers. After all, a bad workman always blames his tools right?

Once I stopped doubting and made that commitment to trust in their wisdom the Numbers really opened up to me and the Readings took on a deeper meaning.

Over the years I have found the Numbers enormously helpful when working with clients to find solutions. The numbers provide a broader perspective, bringing deeper understanding and clarity about challenges clients are facing. Numerology shows the pathway to the opportunities that are on the other side of those challenges.

Would you like to have that clarity and perspective? You can book a lifechanging personalised Numerology Reading right now?

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I think that Annie really understands what it means to be human, she is extremely insightful, and surprisingly funny. I liked that we could laugh at the tragedy of life!  Areas that were difficult and worrying with my teenage daughter suddenly became no issue at all! I know I would not have had that result without Annies’ techniques, they really resonated with me. She has a way of being present that means she can help you get to the core of why you are there and move quickly through it.

I was lucky enough to work with Annie via Skype. Professionally and personally it has been invaluable and I’ll always be grateful for the assistance in improving my proactive communication in my close relationships. Annie has – and not wanting to mix my metaphors or fall into clichés – opened doors for me to delve into, put in place foundations to jump off from, shown me some paths to explore. I get my journey is long and learning more about the person who is going to walk it – to value that person – has to be about the most useful investment I’ve made.