Transforming your Relationships, a Sacred Journey

Are you unhappy in your relationships:

with partner, family, friends, at work?

Which of these describe You?

  • Problems in your intimate Relationship
  • Not Valued or Respected at Work
  • Feel misunderstood or falsely accused
  • Unappreciated by Family Members

Would you like to experience more relaxed and caring connections?

  • be Confident being Your Self
  • Comfortable with Others
  • Naturally and Easily attract People who “get” You
  • Experience Loving, Respectful Interactions
  • Connect with the Love in All

We all know we can’t change other people (much as we might like to sometimes!). However, we can change ourselves, and in deep and lasting ways. And when we do that the nature of the relationship inevitably changes. After all, once we have learnt what we need to learn from any situation, change inevitably follows.

Are you ready to explore making changes in ways that feel good for you and bring you happier and more harmonious relationships?

How much better would your Life be if your Relationships were Fun and Fulfilling?

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I think that Annie really understands what it means to be human, she is extremely insightful, and surprisingly funny. I liked that we could laugh at the tragedy of life!  Areas that were difficult and worrying with my teenage daughter suddenly became no issue at all! I know I would not have had that result without Annies’ techniques, they really resonated with me. She has a way of being present that means she can help you get to the core of why you are there and move quickly through it.

I was lucky enough to work with Annie via Skype. Professionally and personally it has been invaluable and I’ll always be grateful for the assistance in improving my proactive communication in my close relationships. Annie has – and not wanting to mix my metaphors or fall into clichés – opened doors for me to delve into, put in place foundations to jump off from, shown me some paths to explore. I get my journey is long and learning more about the person who is going to walk it – to value that person – has to be about the most useful investment I’ve made.