We all want to feel good.  And yet somehow that can be elusive.  Instead of feeling  happiness, love, peace, freedom and fulfilment, emotions like frustration, doubt, guilt, hurt and sadness get in the way.

We live in a society that teaches us to aim for things OUTSIDE ourselves to make us feel good:  the cold beer, the new sunglasses, the flashy car. That when we have what we want then we will be happy.

However, this can mean

“I won’t be happy UNTIL I have the right home, car, etc.” And so we can be doomed to endless striving to DO and HAVE, to feel good.


We achieve the external success and yet still don’t feel happy.  AND we start wanting the next thing that is meant to bring lasting happiness.


We find ourselves asking:


“I should be happy and yet I’m not!”

Feelings of failure arise when life does not meet our expectations.

We can reach a point where we start to think:

“What is wrong with me?”

“I’ve tried everything!”

“Will I ever be happy?”

Either way the ultimate conclusion is:


Is that what you are seeking?

The happiness we seek is not something on the outside, we feel those lovely juicy emotions like happiness and freedom on the INSIDE!

So what if instead we take a shortcut!  What if instead of saying “I will be happy when….” we start opening to the possibility of being happy now?  Happy with who we are now and what we have now!

After all, why wait?  It is so much harder to control our external, material world of career, money, relationships, etc (and we all know we can’t control other people!!!!).  However, we do have dominion over our INNER WORLD!

Why not learn how to navigate stress, anxiety, frustration, whatever is not feeling good on the INSIDE.  In so doing we create space on the INSIDE for what does feel good!

So often uncomfortable emotions are associated with a variety of issues.  Conflicts, marriage breakdown, co-dependency, addictive behaviours, sleep issues, performance anxiety, emotional eating, for example.

As part of the healing process we can meet with and develop a more meaningful relationship with our wise Self, with our own inner loving guidance, wisdom and compassion.  The emptiness and lack is filled in more ways than one.

The healing creates space for how we want to feel.  The emptiness starts to fill with good feelings.  Unwanted behaviours start to drop away.

And the funny thing is that so often as we start to feel better on the INSIDE this is reflected on the outside and good feeling “things” start to manifest, even though we might no longer need them to.

It is possible to develop a kind loving and understanding relationship with yourself on the inside.  It is possible to enjoy being you.

As you become more whole your confidence grows.   As you develop a loving relationship with yourself then loving relationships with others can be a natural flow on.

Counselling can open doors to a liberating self understanding, deep inner peace, love and acceptance.

If that sounds like what you want why not arrange a time Now to talk to me about how you can create that?

I can’t praise Annie enough; she walked hand in hand with me through all the painful parts of my past and present; I was never alone. I always felt validated. And we often found so much to laugh at together: she has such a fantastic sense of humour! I can’t recommend her skills and services highly enough.  

Working with Annie has to be about the most useful investment I have made.

When I first started working with you Annie, I was very sad and anxious. I didn’t feel like myself – I wanted to be happy and enjoy life again. I didn’t want to feel this way, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I wanted to learn ways to manage my sadness and anxiety.  Words do not justify the amazing impact working with you has had on me.  Not only have I directly benefited, but those close to me can also see the change in me. I feel happy, content and like myself again, which was my objective when I first started working with you.  Annie, you are truly incredible at what you do.