Opening to Change

Are you ready for change? In your relationships? Your finances? Your health? In this recording we create the space for new beginnings using some powerful healing techniques. Are you ready for that?

Body Wisdom 2

Body Whispering:  When we listen to how our body feels we can get answers that come from a deeper place of awareness. Our body is our physical presence in this world.    It is always in the present, always here now.  It holds the physical…

Body Wisdom 1

Night and day our five senses are continually downloading information from the external world that we process. We can be overloaded by all this input. Your day might start with an alarm, or the call of a child, the flow of water in the shower…

Lookout? Look in!

It’s in our very DNA to be on the lookout for danger.  So we have a predisposition to worry.  And we can always find something to worry about! Much of our stress comes from our experience of the external world.  We worry about the past:…

Change is in the Air

Change is in the air!!! After the “stuckness” of last year now is the time to step into our power in whole new ways. Find out more in this audio.