Body Wisdom 2

Body Whispering:  When we listen to how our body feels we can get answers that come from a deeper place of awareness.

Our body is our physical presence in this world.    It is always in the present, always here now.  It holds the physical experience of our thoughts and feelings: our reactions to the external world, to other people.  Moment by moment it registers our experiences.  It can be our own personal barometer for our life.

For there is a chemical reaction to our emotions that causes them to register in our body.

So our body can be a reality check!!! Our mind can say “oh, I’m over that now!”  But if we take notice we might sense that our body is feeling sick, or suddenly there is a tightness in our chest or some other physical response, that is our body saying, “Well actually no, you are still upset about it.”

However, we can have a thought every 1.5 seconds.  We pay more attention to those thoughts than to physical sensations, the felt sense.  The felt sense is drowned out by the mind so to hear the body’s messages we have to consciously tune in and listen patiently.

Have you noticed that you can be feeling fine and then meet with someone, or go to a place and suddenly your body feels heavy or tight?  That you are now feeling depressed or sad for example? Our body is a fount of accurate information about our responses to experiences.

For there is a rich world inside ourselves and it does register profoundly in our bodies.  How am I feeling right now?  What do I need right now?  How can I support myself if I cant meet my needs right now? How much am I valuing me right now?  How much am I valuing my thoughts and feelings right now?  When we listen to how our body feels we can get answers that come from a deeper place of awareness.

The body has it is own deep truth and wisdom for us to receive.  It can be a highly accurate sage as to what is going on for us.  To access that information we simply need to slow down and listen, be open to the physical sensations, the “felt sense” in our body and notice the accompanying emotions. Then we will know if our mind is telling the truth or following its old pattern of downplaying our inner knowing.

If you would like to know more about this there is a fabulous book called The Power of Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell.

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