Body Wisdom 3

Healing Work:  Our body’s default setting, its natural direction is good health and wellbeing.  We can learn how to support our body by creating the space for it to self heal.  We don’t have to “do” anything or even “think” anything for body based healing to take place.

Instead of “thinking” about and “doing” something to resolve a problem you might like to try this.  Tune into the problem, notice what emotions arise and the associated feeling in the body.  When you pause and listen it will tell you if it is feeling tense or heavy or churning or light, expansive, soft, relaxed.

Different parts of our body hold different emotions.  Maybe hurt in the chest, anxiety in the belly, anger in the jaw, helplessness in the back.

Then simply allow the felt sense and the emotions that arise to be there without judgement and without trying to change it, but simply observe it and stay with it.  We simply provide the time, by being patient, and the space, by not judging, for the body and emotions to autocorrect.

Often the physical sensation will gradually fade and so will the associated emotion!!!  Our emotions just want to be acknowledged and felt, able to flow, and then they float away! And they flow out of our body as well!!!  A shift happens and freedom comes!

Alternatively, memories, insights, images can come to mind that highlight something you were not aware of about the problem.  As we welcome and allow that information so healing will take place.

Here is how I do it. For example, I might realise I am in a situation where I am feeling anxious.

I say hello to that anxiety, acknowledging it is there.  Then I tune into my body and notice it feels tense and my stomach is tight.  So I thank my body for showing me how it is feeling that anxiety.  Then I simply keep moving between observing how my body feels and feeling the emotion.  I find this moving back and forwards occupies my mind and stops it drifting off.  I also notice any images or memories that arise.  Gradually it can all dissolve away, so long as I allow it to be there for as long as it needs.  I feel light and free afterwards!

You might like to give it a try!!!

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