Self Empowerment

Are you feeling blocked, stuck, trapped in some areas of your life? Maybe trying to resolve challenging relationship issues at work or at home? Maybe stuck in work that is unfulfilling or even stifling? Are money worries weighing you down, seeming impossible to resolve? Or perhaps health issues are keeping you from living the way you would like to?

Now is the time to remember that just because that is how it HAS been til today, does not need to mean that is how it will be tomorrow. We are inclined to say “This is how it is” or “This is what happens to me” or “I never…………” or “I cant………..”

We get caught in a pattern, eg, not enough money, and become anxious or frustrated because of it. We become accustomed to it being there. And then we fight with it. “This is not what I want.” Which kinda anchors it in more deeply! After all, what we resist persists. It becomes self fulfilling and then it is difficult to imagine a way out.

What is the alternative? Allow some time to be with the feelings that come with this issue. Feel the frustration, anxiety, shame, whatever. Feelings are very powerful and anchor in place thoughts and behaviours. Telling ourselves that we should not feel what is happening is like denying ourselves our truth. Being honest and accepting, this is how i feel is the first step to change.

The next step is to be aware of our language about the issue. Saying things like “In the past ……. has happened” is completely different to “This is what happens.”

Expansions questions can really bring a mental and emotional shift. “What else is possible?” “What if i can feel/think/act differently in this situation?” “What if now is the perfect time for this to change?” “What if there is another way?”

Handing over the problem and asking for Divine or Cosmic Assistance to show the way to change it lifts the burden and opens doors. You can bring in Divine or Cosmic assistance by saying “this is how it is without God/The Universe.” You can ask “What actions do i need to take right now?” and “Stop me if i am going in the wrong direction.” “Give me the courage and strength I need to find the way.”

We don’t have to know the answers. After all if you knew them you would not still be in the situation. However, being open to the answers coming in surprising and unexpected ways allows change to happen! Then be aware of opportunities as they unfold, one step at a time.

Have a play with this and see what happens. Have fun!

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