Your Sacred Self

2021 is a five Global Year. February is a seven global month. This month is the ideal time to open to deepening your connection with your Sacred Self.

You can think of it as your inner wisdom, higher self, wise self, greater self, spirit, soul, etc!

This is the part of us that has chosen to experience the human reality of having a body in a physical world, that has emotions and thoughts. Whereas the human self has an agenda for this life: to survive, to have and to do, to be safe. We can call it the ego, the personality, the mind.

The intensity of those Earthling qualities and desires drowns out our connection to our greater self/Spirit/Divine/the Universe, that part of us that is infinite and eternal.

By being still and going within, slowing down and creating space our greater self can emerge and be heard and felt more fully.

This month is a great time to expand our trust that there is

  • something bigger than us, that is a part of us
  • wants our soul to grow and expand and experience
  • has a plan greater than our ego’s agenda of playing it safe
  • wants to guide and support us
  • asks us to hand over our problems and ask to be shown the actions to take
  • trust that what we are experiencing now is perfect for our Soul’s growth
  • trust there is and be receptive to a Divine Plan that brings us our Soul’s desires rather than our survival self / fear based goals.

In this Audio there is further Information about the Numerology for February and some gentle Healings. Enjoy!

      1. Numerology-February-2021
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