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Numerology for August

This is the time for expanding self expression, speaking your truth, knowing your worth and value. There are healings in the audio to clear blocks and create greater self valuing. Also I explore the energies of August for each individual. Click Play to listen to the audio

The Power of Acceptance

Living with Acceptance Last time I wrote about our inclination to deny and resist change, such as the changes that go with COVID 19, and how uncomfortable that resistance can make us.  I talked about how when we argue with what is happening and keep thinking it should not be happening it makes us feel […]

Solstice Power

The winter solstice and the solar eclipe and New Moon in Cancer were on 21st June.  Both are very powerful energies for change and we will feel and benefit from their affects for some time.  All this in a One month!!!  All those delicious New Beginnings! So this is a great time to work with […]

Celebrating Relationships

Fulfilling relationships are a cornerstone of a life well lived.  And yet they are not that simple.  Whether it’s the challenging work colleague, the annoying sister, the “take me for granted” children, the absent partner, the interfering parent or anyone else, or ALL of them(!) relationships can make for hurt, misunderstanding, conflict and many other […]

Those Pesky Emotions

At various times in our lives we encounter challenges.  No-one is exempt!   When something happens that we do not want we usually have a strong emotional response.  It could be anxiety, anger, sadness or guilt. It can be difficult to make good choices about how to respond when our emotional level is high.  As emotions […]

Numerology for June

What guidance do the numbers offer for the month of June? When we live in harmony with the times we experience greater ease and flow. Often we are already subconsciously doing that anyway!!! In that case the numbers give valuable conformation. On the other hand when we feel as though we are working against ourselves […]